KIX is a fun, simple, quick to play tactical two player football card game. It is won (like in football) by scoring more goals than your opponent!


Our Price: £6.50
Age Group 8 +
Game Type Card
Theme Football
Number of Players 2
Playing Time 15 mins
  • Description

In Kix players start with a hand of cards and in each play, a card is selected from the players' hands and played simultaneously. To score a goal you simply have to win a Midfield play, then successfully Attack their Defence and finally get a Shot past their Goalkeeper. Play returns to Midfield when any Attack fails or a goal is scored and the match continues. It only takes 3 cards to score so you never safe till the very end of the match when all the cards are used up!


The 5-a-side version of the rules is simple enough for younger players and the full tactical 11-a-side game brings a more tactical and varied gaming experience for the more competitive gamers amongst us.


We also have some of the packs that have female players, so if you would like one of those just drop us a line!

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