Chewbacca is in charge of the Millenium Falcon and is tasked with knocking out all the players' Stormtroopers. You need to try and deflect him away from your troopers with your paddle and send him after your opponents instead!

Loopin' Chewie

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Age Group 4 +
Game Type Dexterity
Theme Sci-Fi
Number of Players 2 - 3
Playing Time 15 mins
  • Description

Loopin’ Chewie really doesn't like Stormtroopers and does everything he can to knock them down with his piloting skills! Every time he flies by in the Millennium Falcon, he’ll be out to knock another Stormtrooper out of action. But if you can flip him out of the way with your paddle, he’ll go after someone else’s Stormtroopers instead! But beware, because he’s got some tricky moves to catch you out! The player with the last trooper standing wins!

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