The year is 1336. The Emperor has lost all authority and is little more than a figurehead. Across the country, powerful lords called Daimyo have risen up and begun to claim dominion over the land and its resources.

But the true path to power lies with elite, noble warriors known as samurai...


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Age Group 10 +
Game Type Strategy
Theme Historical
Number of Players 2 - 4
Playing Time 45 mins
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In Samurai, players assume the role of power-hungry Daimyo vying for control of Japan. By gaining the loyalty of lesser lords, seizing the land's primary sources of rice, and trading favours with religious leaders, the players can grow their dominion and muster the samurai to cement their claim.


Travel back to a Japan torn asunder by warring clans. Prove you have the wisdom to garner the esteem of the samurai and you will unite a nation!

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